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Repository Overview

├── build
│ ├── azDevOps: stores configuration, build steps and scripts used by azure dev ops only
│ ├── jenkins: stores configuration, build steps and scripts used by jenkins only
│ └── scripts: stores scripts used by build steps that can be reused by multiple
| tools without changes. ie: Docker script for Container Image creation
├── deploy
| ├── k8s: stores yaml files for k8s deployments. i.e: deployments, services,
| | | configMap and related dependencies for each service in an application
| | ├── ui: stores yaml for ui service
| | └── api: stores yaml for the api service and configuration files
│ │ ├── base: store raw yaml used by k8s
│ │ ├── kustomization: store kustomize files(for kubectl apply -k)
│ │ │ ├── dev: configuration files for dev environment
│ │ │ └── test: configuration files for test environment
│ │ └── helm-chart: store helm chart files(if helm used)
│ │ └── templates
| ├── serviceFabric: scripts used to deploy applications on serviceFabric
| ├── terraform: terraform scripts used to provision dependencies
| | only needed by this application
| └── scripts: deployment scripts shared by multiple tools. ie: Variable substitution
├── contracts: stores swagger specs, ui mocks and other documents describing
| the overall solution
└── src
├── services (i.e: apis, queue listener, scheduled jobs)
├── tests: stores tests not built in other services solutions (functional tests,
| performance, etc)
└── ui: stores the front end service and components

There are 3 repositories available:

stacks-dotnet for a simple web API
stacks-dotnet-cqrs for a web API with CQRS
stacks-dotnet-cqrs-events for a web API with CQRS and Event Listening (with function and worker service)