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Create a project using the Nuget template package

Install the package


.NET 3.1 templates have been deprecated. If you want to use the 3.1 templates the latest version is 3.0.232

Access Amido.Stacks.Templates package page in Nuget here. Copy and execute the command displayed in the page (if you want to get the latest version). For example:

Run the command to install the package
dotnet new --install Amido.Stacks.Templates

Create a new project

Navigate to the folder where you wish to create a new project in.

Run the command to create the project
dotnet new stacks-webapi -n Company.Project -do YourDomain -cp AzureCloud

The above command will create a folder and a repository called Company.Project with DevOps build pipelines ready for Azure DevOps.

Uninstalling a template

To uninstall the template pack you have to execute the following command
dotnet new --uninstall Amido.Stacks.Templates
Template parameter details
  • -n|--name
    • Sets the project name
    • Omitting it will result in the project name being the same as the folder where the command has been ran from
  • -do|--domain
    • Sets the name of the aggregate root object. It is also the name of the collection within CosmosDB instance.
  • -o|--output
    • Sets the path to where the project is added
    • Omitting the parameter will result in the creation of a new folder
  • -cp|--cloudProvider
    • Configures which cloud provider to be used
  • -cicd|--cicdProvider
    • Configures which cicd provider templates to be used