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Generate a data project

This section provides an overview of scaffolding and generating a new data platform project using the Ensono Stacks CLI.

It assumes the following requirements are in place:

Step 1: Install the Ensono Stacks CLI

Download and install the Ensono Stacks CLI. Please refer to the Stacks.CLI.Manual in the latest stacks-cli release for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Prepare the project config

We will be using the stacks-cli scaffold command to generate a new data project. The scaffold command takes a YAML configuration file, defining the project.

A sample data project config file is provided. Prepare a copy of this file, and update the following entries as required for your new project:

Config fieldExample valueDescription
directory.workingstacksTarget directory for the scaffolded project.
directory.export~Path to your Ensono Stacks CLI installation.
business.companymycompanyUsed for resource naming.
business.domainmydomainUsed for environment & Terraform state key naming.
business.componentdataUsed for resource naming.
project.namestacks-data-platformName of project created & used for resource naming.
project.sourcecontrol.typegithubRemote repository type.
project.sourcecontrol.url for setting up the remote repository - see Git repository. Azure region you'll be deploying into. Using the Azure CLI, you can use az account list-locations -o Table to see available region names.
terraform.backend.storagetfstorageStorage account name for Terraform state - see Terraform state storage.
terraform.backend.grouptfgroupResource group account name for Terraform state.
terraform.backend.containertfcontainerContainer name account name for Terraform state.

All other values can be left as they are. For full documentation of all fields in the config file, refer to the Stacks CLI Manual.


Alternatively, you can use the stacks-cli interactive command to generate a YAML configuration file by answering a series of questions. See the Stacks CLI Manual for further information.

Step 3: Scaffold the project

You will now pass the prepared config file to the Ensono Stacks scaffold command, and your project will be generated. Run the following, replacing ./data-scaffold-config.yml with the path to your config file:

stacks-cli scaffold -c ./data-scaffold-config.yml

If successful, the new project will now be available in the directory provided in the directory.working field. Navigate to the generated project's directory and review the contents.

Step 4: Push the project to remote repository

Now the project has been generated, it can be pushed to the target remote repository. By default, scaffolded project will be configured to use the remote repo URL that was defined in the config file.

# Confirm the correct remote repository has been set
git remote show origin

# If required, set your local branch to main
git branch -M main

# Push your scaffolded project to the remote repository
git push -u origin main

Next steps

Now you have generated a new data project, deploy the core infrastructure.