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Functional Testing with TestCafe


TestCafe is no longer supported by stacks. However this is still part of the scaffolding cli for testing and may be removed at a later date

TestCafe is a Node.js end-to-end open source automation tool that is used to test web applications. It can run your tests on any browser without having to download separate drivers for each browser. It is easy to install, configure and get started without any external libraries or plugins required.

TestCafe: Functional tests

Templated sample TestCafe automation framework for PROJECT_NAME, bootstrapped using @amidostacks/scaffolding-cli.

Running tests locally


  • Ensure that Node.js and npm are installed with the versions specified in ./package.json file.
  • Execute the following command to install all dependencies:
npm install
  • Configure your browser:

    • Ensure you have at least one browser installed on your operating system e.g. Chrome.
    • Include the browser name in the ./.testcaferc.json file. e.g.:
  "browsers": [

At the moment, Chrome is set as the default web browser.

To bypass the browser config in the ./.testcaferc.json config file, simply run passing in the browser arg:

npm run test:e2e --chrome

See browsers for more information.

  • Configure Environment Variables

TestCafe functional tests are configured to run after successful deployment, so environment variables need to be set.

Export the following environment variables.

- APP_BASE_URL: base url to the environment where the web app is deployed,
- APP_BASE_PATH: path to main page,
- MENU_API_URL: base url to rest api.


export APP_BASE_PATH=/web/stacks
or use the `./.env` file to specify the default values instead of exporting them locally.

Run Tests

npm run test:e2e

Run tests in a specific browser:

npm run test:e2e --chrome

This should launch TestCafe and run the tests in the browsers specified in ./.testcaferc.json in the headless mode.

Running tests in Docker

In order to be able to run these tests across environments and as part of CI, we need to use Docker to run them.


npm install


docker pull testcafe/testcafe:latest
docker run -e APP_BASE_URL=$APP_BASE_URL -e APP_BASE_PATH=$APP_BASE_PATH -e MENU_API_URL=$MENU_API_URL -e NODE_ENV=$NODE_ENV -it -v $(pwd):/tests testcafe/testcafe chromium /**/*   

Optional: Running tests with Lambdatest

Lambdatest is a cloud-based cross browser testing tool that allows to check the web application functionality and other dependencies across various browsers over the internet.


An active Lambdatest Account


Export Lambdatest Credentials as following:

export LT_USERNAME= {your lambdatest username}
export LT_ACCESS_KEY= {your lambdatest access_key}

Running E2E tests with LambdaTest

npm run test:e2e -- "lambdatest:IE@11.0:Windows 10"

Lambdatest will create a tunnel to run the tests and automatically record videos.

The full list of browser configuration available can be found by running the following in the root:
node_modules/.bin/testcafe -b lambdatest