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Java Rest API Architecture

Spring Boot Rest API Architecture

The diagram below represents the architecture of the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern, as it has been applied to this project.

Project architecture CQRS

The CQRS pattern separates read and update operations for a data store. Commands are defined for operations that are responsible for changing the date stored (i.e. inserts, updates or delete operations). Each command has a corresponding handler, and it is this which coordinates the repository update and the sending of the associated event details. Queries, which do not change the data stored, are handled through a query service.

Upon successful execution of a command (database update), the microservice publishes one or more events describing how the persistence state has changed e.g. if a “Create Category” event is successful, then a “Menu Updated” event and a “Category Created” event will be published.

Application Events contain the following basic information:

Event AttributeDescription
idUnique id of the event instance (format: uuid)
eventCodeCode identifying the type of event
correlationIdTransaction identifier. This attribute is also returned as a response header if the command was received via the REST API and can also be found in all log entries relating to the transaction. CorrelationID can either be supplied by the input event/request or generated when not supplied.
operationCodeCode identifying the operation which generated the event
creationDateWhen the event was created
Custom Attribute(s)e.g. menuId