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Create a playwright test project for your chosen application

The init generator creates a playwright project for the application you choose.


nx g @ensono-stacks/playwright:init

Upon calling the init generator you will be presented with the following question:

  • What app would you like to generate a test project for?
    • The name of the existing application to generate a test project for (named <app-name>-e2e)

Command line arguments

The following command line arguments are available:

--projectThe name of the application to generate a test project forstring

Generator Output

The init generator will create a new test project for your chosen application containing an example test and predefined configuration for the monorepo and the individual test projects. By default the init generator will configure both a baseline playwright configuration and an individual project base playwright configuration.

Generated files
├── apps
│ ├── <app-name>-e2e
│ │ ├── src
│ │ │ ├── example.spec.ts #Example tests using playwright
│ │ ├── playwright.config.ts #Example playwright configuration catering for multiple browsers and devices
│ │ ├── project.json #Configuration for the project, including various NX targets
│ │ ├── tsconfig.e2e.json #E2E typscript config file
│ │ ├── tsconfig.json #typscript config file
│ │ ├── .eslintrc.json #Linting configuration for the e2e project
└── playwright.config.base.ts

Visit the Testing with Playwright documentation for further details!