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@ensono-stacks/[plugin-name]:generator/executor name

Very brief description (E.g Add Next Authentication to your next application)
What does the generator/executor do?


Are there any prerequisites?


nx @ensono-stacks/[plugin-name]:generator/executor --Option1 Option1Value --Option2 Option2Value

Command line arguments

The following command line arguments are available:

OptionDescriptionTypeAccepted ValuesDefault
--Option1Option 1 descriptionbooleantrue/falsetrue
--Option2Option 2 descriptionstringdefault-string

Generator Output

What is the output of the above commands

Will it create new files, will it manipulate existing ones?

Example of files being generated
├── main folder created
│ ├── file which gets created
│ ├── second file which gets created
└── second folder created