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Ensono Stacks

Making digital transformation easier and more reliable.

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Ensono Stacks is the cloud-native software factory for digital transformations that work.

  • Increase project predictability with reliable, tried and tested code.
  • Slash configuration time and speeds up deployment.
  • An ever-growing calalogue of workload templates, package management and example implementations.
  • A solid foundation for you to springboard into build.

What can you do with Ensono Stacks?

Choose a workload below and you can be up-and-running with a project in less than an hour:

Select Language/Framework

Technologies supported by Ensono Stacks

AWSMicrosoft AzureKubernetesTerraformDocker.NETNXNextJSSpring BootAzure Data FactoryDelta lakeDatabricksJavaC#TypescriptPython


Find out how to configure your cloud provider and other core infrastructure to make Ensono Stacks work for you.

Test Framework

With just one command, discover how to tailor your project with Ensono Stacks’ front-end focused opinionated test frameworks.

Contribute to Ensono Stacks

As an open source project, you can be a part of the Github community shaping Ensono Stacks